Lifetime Warranty

At Rivers Plumbing, we want to ensure you, your family, and your home are always comfortable. To do that, we know you need plumbing equipment that works – and our job is to ensure that it does. And there’s no better way to guarantee you 100% satisfaction and service than to offer a lifetime warranty on select products and repairs.

What You Need to Know About Our Lifetime Warranty

Not sure how this lifetime warranty works, or if your product or repair qualifies? Here’s all you need to know!

  • An item can only be repaired or replaced once under the standing warranty. After the first replacement or repair has been completed, that item is no longer under that warranty. However, once the product or repair that was under warranty has been paid for a second time, a new lifetime warranty will go into effect.
  • This is not valid for commercial customers, landlord tenant home, or any home that the homeowner does not live in (you will receive a standard 1-year parts and labor warranty).
  • Customers must own and live in the home. And the warranty is only in efect as long as the customer lives in and owns the home – it’s non-transferable.
  • The quality of water must be tested. The water cannot be hard water and, if it is, must be fixed before the lifetime warranty can be applied. A professional must record the hardness of water on the paperwork.
  • Water pressure must be tested and, if it’s too high, must be brought under control before the lifetime warranty can be applied. Water pressure cannot exceed 80psi for the warranty to be valid. A professional must record the water pressure on the paperwork.
  • All work must be done according to local plumbing codes. Any work that is not up to code cannot be put under the lifetime warranty.
  • We will not warranty any job that has had an attempted repair by either a homeowner or another contractor of any kind on any work we have already done. This voids the warranty.
  • We will not warranty any abuse or damage made on the product or repair by the homeowner or others.
  • We will not warranty any damage caused by the weather or an act of God. If the ground settles and causes undue stress on what has been repaired this will void the warranty.
  • We will not warranty sink, tub, or shower faucet repairs. Only installs will receive the lifetime warranty. All faucet repairs will receive a 30-day one return warranty.
  • Toilet tanks found to have any chemicals in the tank will immediately void any toilet repair warranties.
  • No lifetime warranty on any work done by one of our sub-contractors. You will only receive the standard 1-year parts and labor warranty.
  • No lifetime warranty on any tile work done for either a kitchen or a bathroom due to grout deterioration or remodel.
  • No customer supplied products will be under any warranty at any time. Only the workmanship by the expert plumber for the customer supplied product will be included in the lifetime warranty.

In order to determine all of the above, our expert plumbers will look at the product or repair and see if the item has gone bad due to normal wear and tear, or if it’s damage from the customer. If it’s from normal wear and tear, then the product will be repaired or replaced at that time. If it’s from damage done by the customer it will immediately void the warranty.

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