Tackling a kitchen or bathroom remodel can cause stress for even the most Zen homeowner. Dealing with all of the regulations, choices, installation, manuals and contractors can be both frustrating and time consuming. Smart homeowners in St. Louis choose Rivers Plumbing Company to handle all of the kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs. Rivers Plumbing Company has been serving the St. Louis area for years. We offer exceptional service, friendly technicians and guarantees that cannot be matched by our competitors.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Options in St. Louis

Bathroom Plumbing

Remodeling imageBathrooms are a mix of several different plumbing fixtures including baths, showers, toilets and sinks. Getting the plumbing right on all of these appliances ensures that you will be enjoying your new bathroom for years to come.



Radiant Heating

Instead of shivering when you get out of the shower or bath, you can experience radiant heat in your floorboards. This heat will envelop you with warmth, and make every trip to the bathroom more enjoyable.



Kitchen Plumbing

Remodeling photoMaking sure that your sink is connected to your garbage disposal, which connects to your dishwasher and so on, can be confusing. Let Rivers Plumbing Company handle all of your kitchen remodel plumbing needs.



New Appliance Installation

Remodeling contractor imageWhat good is a kitchen remodel if you are stuck using the same old worn-out appliances? Rivers Plumbing Company will install all of your new appliances according to manufacturer directions and ensure that you know how to make the most of your new gadget.


If you need a remodeling contractor in the St. Louis area, call Rivers Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 636-978-1482, or fill out our online request form.