Drain Cleaning Warranty

Needing your drains cleaned out once can be a nightmare, let alone having to do it again. At Rivers Plumbing, we’re here to not only perform the job for you, but to make needing that service just a little bit easier with our 5-year Drain Cleaning Warranty.

What is the 5-Year Drain Cleaning Warranty?

If you’re not sure what the warranty entails, or whether you qualify, read the following to find out:

  • This is for residential homeowners only. No landlord tenants or commercial properties qualify.
  • This is a limited 5-year one return drain cleaning warranty. We will come back one time over the next five years from the original time of service to attempt to clean the same drain that was cleaned before if it backs up again. If the line that needs to be cleaned is a different line from the original line we cleaned, then we will charge our normal price.
  • If the drain line cannot be opened and brought to a working order, we will not charge you for our time at your residence. We will, however, advise a solution to the problem.
  • If the drain line cannot be cleaned the second time around, we will suggest that the line have a camera put into it to determine the possible problem at an additional cost.
  • If additional repairs are found to be needed from the camera going into the line, a detailed proposal will be written up for your review. At this time, we will advise you of the best solution to provide a permanent resolution to the problem.
  • We will not warranty any lines that we have found to have roots. If roots are in the lines, this means the line has openings in the sewer line that is allowing the roots in. The line must be repaired in order for us to warranty the drain cleaning of the line. However, we will offer a 1-year warranty on any line with roots if the line has been hydro jetted by our state-of-the-art hydro jetter and treated with a root x killer. This is a one return warranty during the period of the one-year warranty.
  • We will not warranty the line if it is found to have un-dissolvable wipes, toys, roots, food products not ran through a disposal, dirt from a broken pipe, foreign objects, or anything else not part of the normal plumbing system.
  • We will not warranty any drain line that another plumber has tried to correct while under Rivers Plumbing Company’s warranty.
  • The warranty is only as good as long as the customer lives in and owns the home. No rental homes or commercial properties are eligible for our 5-year drain cleaning warranty.

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