Hydro Jetting in St. Louis

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On May, 28, 2016

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If you have a drained clog, one of the surest ways of getting rid of it permanently is through the use of a powerful water jet. At Rivers Plumbing Company, we provide St. Louis water jetting services that cut through the most powerful obstructions.

Hydro Jetting Services in St. Louis

We use top quality pumps and hoses to propel water at high velocity (as much as 2,500 PSI or more if necessary) through sewer lines to clear obstructions. These hoses are outfitted with a special nozzle that has an array of jets that direct concentrated, extremely powerful streams of water all the way to the pipe walls. These incredibly powerful jets can clear blockages – no matter how stubborn they may be – to completely clean your pipes.

Water Jetting vs. Snaking in St. Louis

There are several different causes for a clogged drain, including soap scum, grease, hair and even tree roots and sanitary products. Paper products are another notorious cause of obstructions. The traditional method of sending a snake cable into a drain to clear a clog is largely ineffective because the cable only removes a portion of the obstruction. While it will get your water flowing again, it doesn’t flow at nearly the rate it would if the clog was completely cleared. While snakes are okay for breaking through solid obstructions, they are not nearly as good at removing softer obstructions caused by buildup such as scale and grease. They can only bore holes through the sludge; they can’t push debris out of pipes completely. Eventually, that clog will once again accumulate as this buildup re-forms.

Water jetting is much better than this Band-Aid approach, especially for more stubborn clogs. These extremely powerful jets restore your pipes to their full original diameter by blasting through clogs and washing them down your drain. Water jets don’t just clear clogs – they obliterate them. They penetrate and emulsify grease, pulverize roots, cut out hardened scale deposits and flush your system completely. They are the unquestioned superior drain cleaning solution.

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