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Hydro Jetting in St. Louis

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If you have a drained clog, one of the surest ways of getting rid of it permanently is through the use of a powerful water jet. At Rivers Plumbing Company, we provide St. Louis water jetting services that cut through the most powerful obstructions.Hydro Jetting Services in St. LouisWe use top quality pumps and hoses…

Drain Cleaning Services in St. Louis

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You may have a constant problem with a sink drain that clogs; it could be toothpaste in a bathroom sink drain, or a stubborn kitchen sink clog due to grease or some other reason. But you might not need a powerful industrial chemical in order to clean your drain. There are some non-toxic methods you…

When Should You Replace Your Water Heater?

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Water heaters are almost always under stress, and they are very rarely switched off. So there’s no way to predict when a serious problem may occur with your water heater, and unless you pay close attention to the appliance, you may need a replacement when you least expect it.The plumbers at recommend that you have…

When Do You Need to Have a Furnace Replaced?

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Furnaces need a lot of attention and require frequent repairs. Keeping with a furnace’s maintenance can be a difficult task, and many homeowners in the St. Louis area wait until there are larger problems before they resort to calling in a professional. But to ensure that your furnace lasts as long as possible, and that…

How to Tell When You Have Clogged Pipes or Drains

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Having dirty or clogged pipes and drains will cause problems throughout your entire plumbing system. When you know that your drains and pipes have become clogged, you’ll need to have a professional clean your drains. It may even be necessary to replace your pipes altogether if the problem has gotten out of control.If you’re renovating…

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