Drain Clog Facts in St. Louis

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On September, 16, 2016


Clogged drains are perhaps the most common frustration for homeowners, and that’s because our drains take a beating as they age. Plus, we aren’t always very mindful of them: all-too-many homeowners flush unauthorized hygienic products like disinfectant wipes or paper towels in the toilet, or they pour grease and coffee grounds down the kitchen sink .  Our drains aren’t built to manage those sorts of materials, and though they may hold out for a while, a loss of flow capacity is inevitable.

But really, even if you are careful, losing flow capacity is just a part of what happens to drains over time.  Whether it’s oils from our skin that come off when we shower, or grease from our dishes than go down the drain when we wash them, or a faulty pipe material that corrodes on its own (i.e. Orangeburg or cast iron) , or even tree roots gradually invading our underground sewer lines, clogs happen. Eventually, your home will almost certainly require a drain cleaning service — hopefully before you experience any serious drain-related issues, including unsanitary sewer back-ups and flooding.

Here are the facts about drains:

  • In about 15 to 20 years without maintenance, pipes generally lose 80% of their flow capacity.
  • Clogs can be caused by obstructions as small as a piece of dental floss.
  • Drain cleaning chemicals (such as Drano) actually hurt your pipes by eroding their inner walls.
  • Pipes are expected to be cleaned about once a year.
  • Standing water in your tub or sink is a sign that your pipes are nearing total blockage.

As you can see, it’s pretty clear that you’ll have some kind of drain or sewer problem at some point of the lifespan of you home’s plumbing system…but don’t worry.  At Rivers Plumbing, we’ve got the best technology in the field and the most skilled professionals in the industry.  We’ll take care of your drains so that they don’t give you trouble ever again!  Want to know how?  Check out our next blog, “Drain Cleaning Options in St. Louis,” for more info today!

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