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The 7 Deadly Sins of Heating Your Home


Like a student who doesn’t study for a test and expects to make an A, many a St. Louis homeowner will subject their furnace to the poorest conditions, and yet expect to live in a heated paradise. When we fail to provide a proper environment for our heating and air unit to function, then we…

Bathroom Plumbing in St. Louis

Is your bathroom an eye shore with its out-of-date tile and dingy looking plumbing fixtures? If so, it may be time to consider a bathroom remodel. Bathroom remodeling can be a large job to undertake and can be confusing for even the most savvy homeowner. You need the help of professionals to handle the plumbing…

St. Louis Water Heater Repair

Plumber repairing an hot-water heater

While it’s easy to take your water heater for granted, when it doesn’t work, that’s a huge inconvenience. The professionals with Rivers Plumbing Company have taken care of repair of water heaters in St. Louis for thousands of customers. When you call us, we will dispatch a technician as quickly as possible to get you…

Water Heater Replacement in St. Charles


A water heater can be compared to a football referee or a baseball umpire in that if you don’t notice it, that means it’s doing its job the way it should. However, if it doesn’t work you will definitely notice. Just as a bad umpire or a mistake-prone referee can make for an extremely frustrating…

Water Heater Installation in Florissant


If you are in the process of choosing a new hot water heater in Florissant, we strongly recommend that you do some research before making your final decision. You not only want a system that will give you an ample supply of hot water, you also want one that will not waste energy and lead…

Tankless Water Heater Benefits in Ballwin

Shower Head

There are several benefits to having a tankless water heater system installed. Because the technology behind this type of system works so well, is has remained basically unchanged for several years. At Rivers Plumbing Company, we know every make and model of tankless system so we can install yours quickly and efficiently.Included below are a…

Drain Clog Facts in St. Louis


Clogged drains are perhaps the most common frustration for homeowners, and that’s because our drains take a beating as they age. Plus, we aren’t always very mindful of them: all-too-many homeowners flush unauthorized hygienic products like disinfectant wipes or paper towels in the toilet, or they pour grease and coffee grounds down the kitchen sink ….

Water Heater Leak in St. Louis

Water Leaking

If you all of a sudden find out that you water heater is leaking in O’Fallon, that is certainly a cause for alarm. However, it might not necessarily mean that you automatically have to call a technician to come to your home. Sometimes, some simple fixes can solve the problem.However, if these don’t work, do…

Pipe Repair in St. Louis

Closeup of a sink S Trap made of white PVC plastic with a broken

Rivers Plumbing Company has been providing St. Louis pipe repair services for 30 years. No matter how large or small your repair may be, we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time, and get it done quickly with a minimum of disruption to your home routine.Our plumbers are…

Plumbing Repair in St. Louis

St Louis plumbing contractor image

There are several different parts to your plumbing system, and nearly all of them require the experience and expertise of a professional should a repair be necessary. If you need St. Louis plumbing repair, call the pros with Rivers Plumbing Company. We provide several different types of plumbing repair services, and we perform all of…

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